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Survey on the state and expectations concerning the development of the EU climate policy measures, in particular the EU Emissions Trading System (EU ETS)

LIFE VIIEW 2050 project


Dear Madam / Sir,

You are kindly welcome to take the survey, that contributes to the most adequate adaptation of our activities under the LIFE VIIEW 2050 project to stakeholders' expectations (the project Assessment of the long-term impact of the EU ETS on achieving a climate-neutral economy by 2050)

Information about the LIFE VIIEW 2050 project

The main project objective is to assess the functioning of the EU ETS, its interaction with other EU policy measures, other international emissions trading systems and its further development concerning a climate neutral EU economy by 2050, and their impacts on EUA prices. Objectives include also dissemination of the EU experience in this field in order to improve the climate and energy policy at the Community and international level.

The analyzes that will be developed under the project include an assessment of the functioning of the EU ETS, considering its synergy and interaction with:
- other climate and energy policy measures stimulating the implementation of low-emission technologies,
- EU sectors outside the EU ETS and relevant policy measures,
- other emission trading systems and their mechanisms.

The project has been approved and supported by the European Commission under the LIFE Programme. Its implementation involves use of models developed at the Center for Climate and Energy Analysis (CAKE) established at the National Centre for Emissions Management (KOBiZE).

The CAKE key pricinciples include efforts to make our work as much as possible relevant to the stakeholders' expectations and their involvement into the process. Therefore, your responses and opinions submitted in this questionnaire are particularly important for achieving the project's objectives

More information on the project on the CAKE website: http://climatecake.pl/. Do not hesitate to contact us to get more information.

Robert Jeszke, Project Coordinator
e-mail: Robert.Jeszke@kobize.pl, tel. +48 22 569 65 70

CAKE/KOBiZE is a part of the Institute of Environmental Protection - National Research Institute, that implements the project in formal terms.


General privacy statement

Survey on the state and expectations concerning the development of the EU climate policy measures, conducted as part of the LIFE VIIEW 2050 project implemented by the Institute of Environmental Protection - National Research Institute.

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Providing data is voluntary, but advisable for the participation in the survey conducted by the National Centre for Emissions Management under the LIFE VIIEW 2050 project implemented under the grant agreement with the European Commission (grant agreement LIFE19 GIC/PL/001205 - LIFE VIIEW 2050, of November 18, 2020) for co-financing activities implemented in the public interest by the National Centre, referred to in art. 3 sec. 2 point 10 lit. k, r, s, t of the Act of 17 July 2009 on the system of managing the emissions of greenhouse gases and other substances. The provided personal data might be used to repeat the survey on the same group of respondents in order to evaluate the project results.

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4.The National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management, as the party to the agreement on the Project co-financing,

5. The European Commission, under the grant agreement for co-financing (contract number LIFE19 GIC / PL / 001205 - LIFE VIIEW 2050, dated November 18, 2020).

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